Rent Steel Trench Shields

steel wall shield in use at trench shoring job site

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GME Wall Shields are diesigned to protect workers while on the jobsite. The combination of narrow sidewalls and good depth ratings, allows for faster excavation and  reduced labor time so you can get the job done quicker and more efficently.

ModelSizePipe ClearanceWeight (LBS)Shield Cap (PSF)
4M4164′ X 16′16″4,3181,418
4M4204′ X 20′16″5,160876
4M4244′ X 12′16″3,5012,575
4M8128′ X 12′64″5,7871,868
4M8168′ X 16′64″7,3021,401
4M8208′ X 20′64″8,871926
4M8248′ X 24′64″10,401583
6M8168′ X 16′64″8,3002,168
6M8208′ X 20′64″10,0681,393
6H8248′ X 24′64″13,6871,317