Cat® Connect

You want to increase your operation’s profit margins and efficiency. Carter Machinery’s got you covered with Cat® Connect. Cat Connect Technology and Cat Connect Services uses data pulled from technology-equipped machines to provide insights on your equipment and operator behaviors to help you improve the health of your machine and operator safety and productivity, keeping your costs down and output up.

Manage Equipment

Detailed data from your machines and Cat analysis tools can help control costs, improve operations, manage employees, and reduce safety risks in the following ways:

  • Reduce costs through preventative maintenance
  • Cut emissions and burn less fuel
  • Receive accurate information on daily loads and volumes

Develop A Culture Of Safety

Carter helps place safety at the forefront of your operators’ minds to promote a safer job site, resulting in less downtime. Other key benefits include:

• Track equipment location, speed, and avoidance zones
• Reduce the risk of injury
• Improve processes, operator visibility, and safety practices

Increase Productivity

Whether you feel comfortable analyzing data on your own or need carefully crafted professional solutions, Carter’s technology solutions experts can deliver customized data-driven solutions for your business, every step of the way. Monitor production in real time and get the information and guidance you need to get more work done in less time with the following technologies:

  • Link uses equipment data to deliver useful, accurate insights in one easy-to-digest interface.
  • Grade automates machine function and guides operators to achieve targets in rough, fine, and finish grading with fewer passes for faster results
  • Payload brings load weighing and real-time feedback to the cab, eliminating trips to the scale and improving operator accuracy and speed
  • Compact delivers advanced measurements and real-time guidance inside the cab to help operators meet compaction targets faster, more uniformly, and in fewer passes
  • Detect prevents unauthorized use of equipment and reduces the chance of accidents by improving operator awareness of the work environment
  • Command enables operators to run equipment from a remote location on or off site, making work safer and more comfortable


Reduce your operating costs with improved fuel consumption using these features:

  • Monitor the run time and idle time of your assets
  • Recover more value at end of equipment life
  • Utilize better emissions monitoring to make compliance reporting easier