Trained Equipment Operators Are Good For Business

Having properly trained equipment operators not only benefits your employees – it benefits your entire company in many respects.

Operators with adequate training on the machinery they operate are not only safer – accounting for more efficient shifts and less time and money lost – they help your bottom line through increased productivity and machine lifecycles. Making safety and training a priority helps your company attract and retain high-quality employees.

Having a crew of workers trained on machine maintenance, safety practices and operation can limit your companies’ exposure to workplace hazards, drastically reducing, or even eliminating on-site accidents and injuries, while keeping group health insurance costs as low as possible.

Consider these benefits of offering proper equipment training:


Although operator licensing and certification requirements vary by jurisdiction, having professional certification for heavy equipment operators ensures best-practice methods are familiar to your crews. Your company meets Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements when operators receive certification such as Adaptable Equipment Proficiency Testing (ADEPT). Potentially lowering insurance costs.

Better Employees & Better Performance

Companies offering equipment training separate themselves from others in competing for a limited number of skilled equipment operators. Employees appreciate companies making safety and machine knowledge a priority, learning in areas such as construction math, slopes and grading, soils, and blueprints for a variety of construction site equipment. Therefore, this usually results in fewer mistakes, better machine care, and more quality product.

Carter Machinery and Caterpillar Safety Services will provide your company with the training products, services, and resources it needs to give your employees the tools they need to do their job more effectively. With our assistance, your organization can incorporate its own safety culture of zero-incident performance.

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