Maximize Your Machinery’s Life

Make Equipment Maintenance Routine

Being proactive in routine maintenance helps you identify future problems before they become current problems, costing you invaluable amounts of time and money. For the most success in lengthening your equipment’s lifespan, you must:

  • Be committed: Preventative maintenance is more involved than lubricating and changing filters. These services can include inspection programs, condition monitoring, historical repair data and electronic information collection, among many others.
  • Know your machines: Take the time to go through the equipment manuals, which serves as your go-to guide on service intervals for different components and what operating conditions you can expect.
  • Document service history: Writing down what work was done and when is key to tracking future maintenance work. Include the date, the type of service performed, parts replaced and the next expected servicing date.

Keep Your Fluids Flowing

Analyzing your machinery’s fluids is the quickest, most accurate way to see what’s going on in your engines and machines. Sending oil, fuel and coolant into a lab for analysis can help detect problems before they turn into serious equipment failure. Being more aware of your machines’ internal processes helps you better manage your budget by predicting repairs, downtime and the life of your equipment.

Managing Equipment

Data pulled from your machines can help you make decisions that help control costs, improve your operations and reduce risk on the jobsite. Equipment Management Services can help your business by reducing emissions from more efficient fuel consumption, utilizing improved emissions monitoring and use data, inspections and fluid analysis to spot potential problems before they occur.