Industrial Generator Safety Tips

Industrial generators are a necessary component for many major construction projects. As with any other piece of construction equipment, it is crucial to follow all safety precautions to avoid injuries and incidents.  

Here are some key safety tips to follow while using an industrial generator at your construction site.

Select the right generator for your project

Generators produce different amounts of wattage, so it is important to know how much wattage you need for your project. Surge issues and power outages can occur if a generator is overtaxed. If you are unsure of the exact amount of wattage you need, rent a generator that can produce a higher amount of wattage than you need just to be on the safe side.

Installation location

When choosing a spot for your industrial generator, choose a place that is well ventilated and close to the units it will be operating. Generators emit carbon monoxide so a well ventilated area will eliminate the possibility of someone getting carbon monoxide poisoning. By locating the generator near the items it will be powering, you will limit tripping hazards for everyone at the work site. You should also make sure all cables are capable of supporting the amount of wattage needed at the site in order to reduce fire risks and equipment damage.

For extra security, have an electrician look at your setup to make sure there aren’t any problems. By making sure the appropriate wiring is used and all electrical items are appropriately grounded, you will reduce the chances of any major problems from occurring.

Routine inspections and maintenance

An industrial generator should be inspected regularly in case there are any defects or broken parts. When an issue is discovered, it should be addressed immediately to prevent the possibility of a fire or explosion. Since these inspections can prevent dangerous situations from occurring, it is important to have a qualified individual perform these routine examinations.    

Additional tips

An industrial generator should always be properly protected from rain or snow. It is also ideal to have five feet of clearance around the perimeter of the generator while it is running so no one is accidentally injured.

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