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CAT wheel loader adding dirt to large pile at work site

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Cat 906H274 hp12,412 lbs.
Cat 908H274 hp14,253 lbs.
Cat IT14G295 hp17,771 lbs.
Cat 924K137 hp26,497 lbs.
Cat 930K156 hp28,959 lbs.
Cat 938K184 hp33,391 lbs.
Cat 950K213 hp42,811 lbs.
Cat 962H224 hp45,055 lbs.
Cat 966K267 hp53,311 lbs.
Cat 972K288 hp57,795 lbs.
Cat 980K369 hp68,881 lbs.

When you start looking into wheel loaders available for rent, you realize quickly that many have fast cycle times, which translates to more material being moved and productivity being raised. With a powertrain that delivers maximum power to the ground and the appropriate amount of power that the hydraulic system demands, these rented loaders feature best-in-class stability, versatility, and visibility.

Power, versatility, and comfort are also part of the appeal of these wheel loaders available for rent. Virtually all of them have been designed for consistent, cost-effective performance in demanding conditions, and many feature an electronic autoshift transmission, load-sensing steering and a gear-kickdown button.

In addition to wheel loaders, Carter Machinery also rents articulated trucks, excavators and skid steers. Contact us today for all of your machinery and equipment needs. 

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