Rent Track Excavators

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Model    Weight    Digging Depth
Cat 301.8    3,700 lbs.    7′
Cat 303.5E    7,800 lbs.    9′
Cat 304E    8,500 lbs.    10′
Cat 305E    11,000 lbs.    11′
Cat 305.5E    11,700 lbs.    11′
Cat 308E    18,500 lbs.    15′
Cat 312EL    29,000 lbs.    20′
Cat 313F    29,300 lbs.    20′
Cat 314EL    35,200 lbs.    19′
Cat 315DL    39,000 lbs.    22′
Cat 320EL    50,000 lbs.    22′
Cat 320ELRR    53,000 lbs.    22′
Cat 321DL    53,000 lbs.    19′
Cat 324EL    58,500 lbs.    22′
Cat 329EL    64,500 lbs.    23′
Cat 336EL    87,000 lbs.    26′
Cat 345DL    110,000 lbs.    26′
Cat 374DL    166,000 lbs.    28′

Dig with more power, lift higher, and reach further when you rent an excavator from one of Carter Machinery’s locations throughout Virginia. 

This popular machine ranges in size from mini-excavators with 7-foot booms to large excavators that can reach 29 feet. Our experts can help you choose the right size excavator for your project so you can increase productivity and lower project costs by accomplishing your jobs quickly and easily. 

With the largest and best maintained fleet of excavators in Virginia, Carter Machinery’s First-Call Promise ensures we’ll have the right size excavator for your project. Best of all, we’ll deliver your excavator on-time and provide fast, reliable service in the off chance there’s machine downtime. 

View our fleet and select the right size excavator for your project today.

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