Rent Load Banks

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Whether you have planned preventive maintenance or are in the midst of an emergency, Carter Machinery has readily available resistive and reactive load bank rentals from 100kVA – 6.25MVA power capacities. We carry Avtron, Crestchic, and other load banks available for short-term and long-term renting.

We also carry other power related equipment to compliment your load bank rental.

Contact a Carter representative to assist you in choosing the best fit for your project at 855.207.8277 or by using the request form on this page. 

Available Load Bank Rental Specifications:

Power CapacityPFType Voltage (V)
725kVA 0.8Resistive / Reactive400-480
1.875MVA 0.8Resistive / Reactive400-480
3.3MVA0.8Resistive / Reactive400-480
6.25MVA 0.8Resistive / Reactive400-480