Air Compressor Rentals

Air compressors are ideal for operating pneumatic tools, cleaning equipment, ventilating areas, or spraying coatings. Our trailer-mounted air compressors for rent can be freely positioned around the project site with a towing vehicle. We rigorously inspect each compressor so you can work confidently and worry less about maintenance.


185 Sullair Air Compressor

Air Compressor Available for Rent

ModelMaximum PSIDimensions (“)Fuel Capacity
375 CFM150 PSI156.1 x 77.2 x 7456 gal
400 CFM150 PSI113 x 72 x 7252 gal
400 CFM200 PSI161 x 72 x 7052 gal
700 CFM365 PSI223 x 85 x 99141 gal
815 CFM125 PSI109 x 72.5 x 100460V 3P
875 CFM500 PSI235 x 88 x 101240 gal
900 CFM150 PSI191 x 87 x 83249 gal
900/1,150 CFM500/350 PSI240 x 88 x 93190 gal
950 CFM200 psi198 x 83 x 103110 gal
1,000 CFM365 psi235 x 88 x 101240 gal
1,350 CFM365 psi269 x 107 x 120198 gal
1,400 CFM200 psi235 x 88 x 101240 gal
1,600 CFM150 PSI240 x 88 x 93190 gal
1,800 CFM100 psi235 x 88 x 101240 gal

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