New Legislation Affects Emergency Power Plans For Assisted Living Facilities

Two Virginia legislative bills take a step toward providing safety for the residents in the state’s assisted living facilities in case of an emergency power outage. Carter Machinery’s team of knowledgeable professionals can help you understand how these pieces of legislation affect your facility, ensuring you stay in compliance.

Senate Bill 1077 requires facilities with an on-site generator to include a description of the emergency generator’s capacity to provide power for certain functions – such as lighting, ventilation, supplied oxygen, temperature control and refrigeration – in emergency preparedness plans. The bill further requires facilities without on-site generation to contract with a power supplier capable of providing emergency power, as well as contract with a backup vendor in case the primary vendor fails to supply power. Finally, the facility must test its emergency power source connection at installation and every two years thereafter, recording the results of the tests.

House Bill 1815 requires assisted living facilities to inform each prospective resident of its emergency power capabilities and which functions will be powered in case of a power outage. The bill does not require facilities to have an emergency power source – only that they inform the prospective resident of the presence or absence of such generation, and whether staff has been trained on using the emergency power source.

Carter Machinery has a number of power generation system solutions for your emergency power needs, including new and used generation set for purchase or rent.  

We also offer three basic levels of contingency planning in case of a power outage:

  • Backup power quote: Typical plan for a customer without a critical power need. Here, a customer calls us and requests a general quote, based on their power needs. This customer will call when there’s an outage and determine whether or not they need a generator and cables.
  • Site visit with contingency planning: More in-depth preparation that involves a site visit and a plan for generator delivery logistics. Ideal for a customer who wants more assurance they will have emergency power but may not need it immediately after an outage. A quote will be provided after the site visit.
  • Peak season unit reservations: This hurricane-season (typically June through November) package includes having a generator on your premises or at the Carter location closest to you, ready for prompt delivery.

In times of a natural disaster, it’s comforting to know that Carter can always supply you with a generator – delivery time and costs will vary depending on the emergency.

Our rental generators come in a range of sizes and capabilities, all designed to keep you up and running when you need it most. To find out more about generator rental options and costs, call Carter at 844.296.4176.