Network Outage

12/21/20, 9:00AM

All Carter Machinery stores are back online following our network outage. This includes our phone system. Thank you for all the patience you extended our team during this challenging situation. We wish you and yours a very happy holiday.

12/13/20, 9:00AM

We apologize for not providing more regular status updates. There have been many facets of this outage that we’ve had to address. Rest assured, we are making significant progress that will become apparent when working with your local Carter store shortly, if it hasn’t already. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we work to bring resolution, but also take steps to be better prepared for the future.

11/30/20, 8:30AM

Our IT and systems support teams used the long holiday weekend to work through many aspects of the network rebuild. We’ve added many more system connections throughout the affected areas to support local operations and the majority of phones are now back online at our Salem, VA headquarters. We successfully tested bringing one of our stores online, which will serve as a template for additional efforts. We should have a rollout schedule later this week.

11/25/20, 9:30AM

With each day, we’ve made progress restoring connections across our impacted stores so our teams can keep you and your operations supported. Carter Machinery will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, but our IT teams will continue to focus on server security and restoration work.

If you have an emergency need over the holiday, please contact your local Carter Machinery facility or representative. We will also be monitoring

In the spirit of the holiday, we are thankful for your continued patience and understanding as we work through this situation. We hope you and your family have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

11/23/20, 9:00AM

Our team made steady progress over the weekend cleaning servers and establishing additional connection points for our local stores to access parts, service, and other critical systems used to support you. We are also close to restoring regular phone service at all stores.

While we will likely be operating with limited system access for the next few days, our teams have been working hard to minimize the disruption to you and your operations. We appreciate your continued understanding.

11/20/20, 2:30PM

While there’s nothing tangible to report at the moment, our technical teams are working day and night to get our systems back online. We are gradually adding limited connections at our stores to support critical functions, but this takes time to do so securely. We’ll post any updates to this page as they become available. If you have questions in the meantime, please email or your local representative.

11/19/20, 9:00AM

Our technical teams have been working tirelessly on efforts to reestablish the network across the entire company. In addition, they have been creating secure workarounds that are allowing our local teams to support you in the interim. We greatly appreciate your ongoing cooperation and patience as we work through this situation.

11/18/20, 3:00PM

Phone service has been restored at our Salem, VA headquarters for both inbound and outbound calls. We’ll be branching out to additional stores as connections can be reestablished.

11/18/20, 7:30AM

Our outage continues. We are compiling an update on progress made over the past 24 hours and will share this later today. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

11/17/20, 11:00AM

Unfortunately, our network outage has carried over into day two. While we are working with numerous technology specialists to get our systems back online, we want you to know our local operations teams are not idly standing by, waiting for connections to be restored. Here are just a few examples of actions we’ve taken to mitigate the disruption to the support we provide you.

  • Phone Rerouting – We’re making progress rerouting our primary store numbers to mobile phones that are being staffed by team members who are serving as expediters to get calls to the appropriate location.
  • Leveraging – Our online parts system is still accessible for order placement directly by customers and on your behalf via our Parts Support team. Our warehouse teams are employing manual processes to fulfill orders.
  • Disconnected Service Practices – Even today, there are areas within our territory where cell connections aren’t available and our teams have adapted. We’re taking these best practices and sharing them with the greater organization.
  • Front Line Support Partners – Fortunately, the outage has not impacted our entire network. We still have numerous stores and teams in the northern portion of our territory who are providing assistance to those working from impacted stores.

You can email us at if you cannot reach your local representative.

Thank you for your ongoing patience as we work through this situation. We are laser focused on bringing normalcy back to our operations and preventing impact to yours.

11/17/20, 7:30AM

Our network is still down. We’ll be sharing a more detailed update later this morning on the actions being taken.

11/16/20, 11:00AM

Our network outage persists. Local stores are running manual procedures to accommodate critical parts and service needs. If you cannot reach a representative, please email us at We apologize for the impact this is having on our ability to support your needs. Rest assured we are exhausting every option to expedite a solution.

11/16/20, 9:00AM

Carter Machinery is currently experiencing an unexpected network outage at most of our stores in Virginia and West Virginia (see list below). This outage is impacting our ability to place and receive phone calls at these stores. In addition, access to many of our systems is severely restricted. We are working diligently with our IT vendors to overcome these issues, while simultaneously adding temporary measures to minimize your inconvenience as much as possible. 

If you need immediate assistance, please contact your local Carter Machinery Sales Representative on his or her mobile phone. You can also email us at and we will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. We will provide periodic updates as we have more information to share. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stores Impacted By Outage

  • Abingdon, VA
  • Chesapeake, VA
  • Fishersville, VA
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Harrisonburg, VA
  • Lynchburg, VA
  • Norton, VA
  • Oakwood, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Salem, VA
  • South Hill, VA
  • Warrenton, VA
  • Williamsburg, VA
  • Princeton, WV