Important Notice: Product Link Devices Affected by GPS Satellites Error

Important machine notice

Salem, Virginia – We know how much you rely upon accurate, updated information at all times. You depend on connectivity to make the best business decisions possible regarding productivity, maintenance, costs and safety on the jobsite. Unfortunately, we recently discovered an issue impacting software inside certain Cat® Product Link™ devices in relation to GPS time rollover occurrences.

There is an issue with the time conversion software inside certain Product Link devices using GPS satellites. The satellites use a counter representing the number of weeks from a specific reference date. This timestamp has a maximum of 1,024 weeks before it rolls over to zero – the original reference date. Without intervention, this rollover causes the Product Link software to incorrectly interpret the timestamp.

Consequently, you may witness the following effects:

·     Devices may send messages with incorrect date

·     Sending incorrect GPS locations

·     Failing to send data at all

·     Not providing geo-fence alters

·     Appearing as non-reporting

·     Recording improper utilization of assets

Fortunately, there will be no effect on machinery operation, grade control, or payload functionality due to this issue.

There are three pre-determined solutions we can take if your Product Link device is affected by the GPS time rollover occurrence.

1. Software Flash Over The Air

This solution requires no action on your part. Caterpillar will release a software update for the Product Link devices on your machinery. The equipment will continue running normally – this process will only update your Product Link device. To opt out of this remote update, please contact Cat Connect Support at You may review Caterpillar’s Remote Services Process.

2. Software Flash by Wire

An on-board, over-the-wire software flash conducted in accordance to a Caterpillar Service Letter is the resolution to this particular problem.

3. Device Replacement

Alternately, your Product Link device may need to be replaced if the software flashes do not work and this will be conducted in accordance to a Caterpillar Service Letter.

For questions about whether your devices are affected and what solution may be necessary, please email Carter Machinery at