Increase Revenue through Machine Fluid Analysis

Just as blood circulates oxygen throughout the body, fluids are essential to the function of your machines. Through Cat®-approved fluid analysis, you can learn what maintenance is needed to avoid costly repairs and downtime. Only a few labs are recognized and certified by Caterpillar to provide this service in North America.

At Carter Machinery, our lab is one of just seven fully approved labs that can perform this crucial analysis of your machine fluids. On average, our highly trained and skilled analysts test 600 fluid samples per day (over 18,000 every month) including engine oil, coolants, and fuel.

Fluid analysis brings many benefits to your operation because it promotes machine health. The health of your machine largely determines your speed, success, and profitability on the job, so having as much information as possible makes it easier to make important decisions and remain profitable. In general, you can benefit from fluid analysis in many ways, including:

  • Avoiding failure and emergency setbacks
  • Boosting machine performance and productivity
  • Shortening repair times and downtime periods
  • Speeding up solutions through actionable tips

1. Avoid Costly Failure and Emergency Repair

When you avoid taking the appropriate steps to assess the health of your equipment’s fluids, you risk letting issues go undetected and can unwittingly double or even triple the repair expenses, not to mention the added cost of downtime.

With fluid analysis and testing, you can identify any contaminants hiding in your machines and detect problems early on so they can be repaired before failure. 

2. Boost Productivity, Performance, and Profitability

It can be challenging to predict your fleet’s owning and operating costs when the management of equipment health is not monitored by fluid analysis. Having a lab analyze your coolants, fuels, and oils can help you build a service history and encourage the knowledge of when components need replacement.

With this valuable expertise from a recognized lab, you can increase your machine’s lifecycle and lifetime value while also increasing resale value. When it’s time to upgrade your equipment, you will be well prepared to recoup costs through reselling.

3. Shorten Time-to-Repair and Maintain Uptime

Prediction is part of prevention. When you track what is going on inside the engine of your machines through fluid analysis, for example, you can actively schedule maintenance services with insight. When you’re able to predict problems before they interrupt operations, you’ll have fewer instances of costly downtime.

The professionals in Carter Machinery’s Fluid Analysis Lab can help you identify the exact part needed to service your machine while giving you complete access to genuine Cat parts.

4. Speed Results through Action-Oriented Recommendations

Approved and designated fluid labs can read test results much like a doctor analyzing a blood sample. They determine what part, environment, or other cause has lead to elevated levels of problematic fluid particles. One of the biggest benefits of working with a lab like Carter Machinery’s is that you can act on the information instantly.

With quick turnaround, knowledgeable interpretations, and practical recommendations, you will learn how to best protect your equipment from completely avoidable failure.

How to Send a Sample to a Fluid Analysis Lab

One small vial of oil or fuel can reveal significant problems with your machines, regardless of the manufacturer. Sending a sample to Carter Machinery is a simple, three-step process that anyone can perform to initiate a complete check-up on their equipment. Simply follow the instructions in this short video.

Whatever machine brand or fluid type you use in your fleet, Carter Machinery’s scheduled oil sampling services (S•O•S) can perform the analysis. Over 25 percent of our samples come from competing fluids and non-commercial equipment.

Reveal Your Machine’s Health through Carter Machinery

While other labs outsource their samples and analysis to a third-party company, Carter Machinery offers the largest in-house analysis capacity on the market, operating with speed and controlled quality by returning interpretations within 24 hours.

From massive mining machines down to personal vehicles, Carter Machinery can assess equipment health with actionable recommendations and an extensive on-site warehouse of replacement parts. Get an accurate look at your machines today and protect their health by engaging Carter Machinery for fluid analysis.