Increase Machine Life with Undercarriage Maintenance

The undercarriage on your track-type machine supports tremendous weight and helps operators work in difficult terrain. As an essential and hard-working component of your machines, the undercarriage is a primary place to see wear and damage from extended use. It also affects your machine’s value and operating costs.

Typically, the maintenance costs of an undercarriage—not surprisingly—compose 50% of your total investment in machine care. Prevention of deep damage to your equipment reduces maintenance expenses and increases your bottom line.

Read on to discover how undercarriage maintenance will help keep your dozers, track loaders, and excavators in prime working condition.

Advantages to Maintaining Your Undercarriage

To extend the longevity of your track machines, it is critical you conduct proper maintenance on excavators, loaders, dozers, and more. Caring for the undercarriage on the machines in your fleet will bring numerous advantages to your operation, including the following:

Increased Safety

Pay attention to your machines’ undercarriages, and you can avoid devastating issues that threaten the safety of your workers and environment, such as toxic fuel leaks and dangerous malfunctions.

Stable Value

The value of your machines is greatly impacted by their undercarriage health, and can be protected by regular, preventive maintenance. When reselling a machine that’s been properly maintained, you will get greater returns and recoup more costs.

Reduced Repairs

Repairs and equipment replacements are of greater cost to operations that do not practice proactive maintenance, creating significant problems with machine functionality. Investment in the care of your machines avoids damage and reduces costs overall.

Powerful Performance

A worn undercarriage will struggle to maintain high-level performance, even during usual tasks. Through consistent maintenance, you will minimize strain and keep your productivity up.

Best Practices for Undercarriage Maintenance

Reviewing the benefits above, it’s no wonder that undercarriage maintenance is one of the most important ways owners and operators can protect equipment, budgets, and uptime. Your operation can develop a maintenance plan for inspections, greasing, tightening, and other essential upkeep by observing these best practices:

Maintain Your Machine Undercarriage with Carter Machinery

Vital and valuable, undercarriages can create large expenses for those who neglect to care for their machines’ most crucial components. To lengthen your equipment’s lifecycle and reduce costs, choose Carter Machinery’s Inspection, Maintenance, and Rebuild Services.

No matter what replacement part you need to maintain your undercarriage, Carter Machinery commands a complete inventory. We also bring an exhaustive list of equipment services, including:

  • Wet brushing
  • Idler resurfacing
  • Roller reshelling
  • Shoe regrousering

For quality, long-lasting, dependable tracks, choose Cat®. For experienced, first-class, reliable service, choose Carter.

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