Choosing the Right Excavator for Your Job

You’ve secured a new job thanks to a successful bid, and now it’s time to ensure that you have the right equipment for the task.

Excavators are one of the most common pieces of heavy construction machinery that your company may need for project success. With countless options available, picking the right excavator that meets the demands of your specific job can seem daunting.

Follow this guide to choose an excavator for your next site:

Size Matters

Narrow your search by reviewing the size and type of excavators: small, medium, and large.

  • More agile and mobile than larger equipment, small excavators are a top choice for smaller jobs or sites with tight space requirements. Choose a compact excavator for foundation repair, in-building installs, and waterline repair.
  • Medium excavators are standard-sized workhorses. These versatile excavators work well in almost any space with most types of jobs, such as infrastructure construction, new home builds, and bridge construction. Backed by plenty of power, medium excavators are still easy to transport.
  • Large excavators are pure industrial equipment designed to provide continuous power for major construction. These excavators are tough to maneuver, but what they lack in mobility, they more than make up for with their no-nonsense power.

Top Attachments

Your excavator needs the right tools to get the job done. Consider the following attachments to match an excavator to your job:

  • Augers – Dig postholes, footings, and holes for shrub and tree planting easily and efficiently with our selection of Cat® Augers so you can keep the job moving.
  • Brooms – Whatever surface you’re working on, Carter Rental has a variety of pickup, utility, and angle brooms to clear your jobsite. Simply match your interface and machine type to select the right broom attachment for your construction needs.
  • Bucket – Buckets are the most common use for an excavator. Carefully review the types of buckets the excavator supports and the maximum capacity the bucket can hold.
  • Forks – For construction or industrial sites, Carter Rental has the forks you need for moving a wide variety of material. Help lighten the load with Cat fork attachments.

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Let a Carter Rental Rep help you choose the best excavator for your next job. Regardless of job type, we have the equipment you need to support projects of any size or scope.