Performance and Reliability: Cat® Introduces New EPA Certified Gas Fueled Gensets

Cat® is a leader in the power generation market and offers fast-response generator sets that deliver unrivaled reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness to end users.

With the introduction of their models G3512 and G3520 EPA Certified gas fueled gensets, Cat has combined the capability to operate in emergency standby mode with the revenue generation capabilities of gas fueled gensets. One natural gas generator can now operate in emergency standby, load management, demand response peak shaving, and island mode applications.

The Cat G3512 generator has one electronic control module that handles all engine functions, such as ignition, air and fuel ratio control, governing, and engine protection. The generator’s chamber combustion system enables enhanced reliability and offers better fuel flexibility, and its air and fuel ratio control and leading-edge technology in its ignition system mean lower emissions and increased engine efficiency.

The Cat G3520 generator is built for maximum performance on low pressure pipeline gas. The gas fueled generator features Caterpillar’s EMCP 4 generator set control system, optimized for generator set control, protection, and monitoring. The optional EMCP 4.3 control panel meets a wide range of installation requirements and easily integrates into building management systems. The Cat G3520 includes expanded features with SR5 generators, gas train, package-mounted radiators, and simplified wiring.

These gensets can start in as little as ten seconds, and their ease of packaging – with on-engine pumps and radiator fans and controls – makes them less expensive to house in enclosures. Cat engineering has eliminated the need to install separate radiators, piping, and piping specialties between the genset and the radiators, cabin ventilation system, radiator, and ventilation fan motor starters and controls, passing along substantial savings to end users.

Features at a Glance:

  • Robust high speed block design offers a longer operating life and lower operating costs
  • Available in 750, 1000, 2000 and 2,500eKW nominal outputs
  • US EPA Certified at 1.0 gr. / bhp-hr. NOx
  • Available with standby, prime, or continuous ratings
  • UL 2200 listed
  • Black start comes standard
  • Designed for maximum performance on low pressure pipeline natural gas
  • American made in Lafayette, Indiana

US EPA Certified for Non-Emergency Stationary Genset

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aims to protect both human health and the environment through clean air, land, and water initiatives. Such initiatives guide generator emissions standards to reduce the risks associated with air pollution.

An EPA-compliant generator, such as the Cat G3512 and Cat G3520, meets or exceeds national standards and regulations for nonroad compression-ignition (NRCI) engines.

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