Upgrade Your Existing Generator to the Latest Caterpillar Technology With Our Engineered Control Panel

Technology changes at a rapid pace; your generator controls are no exception.

When it’s time to update your generators’ control system, Carter Machinery’s retrofit program can bring the existing equipment in your emergency power system up to the latest industry standards at a significant cost savings over a new system. 

Emergency backup power systems should be subject to a periodic review for obsolete components and outdated technology that can create points of failure that can interrupt your business. 

Modernizing your generator control system offers a number of benefits over other options.

These benefits include:

  • You control your downtime: Scheduling upgrades at your convenience minimizes downtime creating less impact to your business. Costs to upgrade are lower with a proactive approach.
  • Provides additional electrical protection and reliability: Older components are more prone to failure and are often obsolete or difficult to source. This decreases reliability and makes repair times much greater. Our latest technology and hardware offer the best possible protection, reliability, and integration.
  • Easy integration: Our engineered solutions offer simplified and expanded control of all existing equipment.
  • Provides compliance reporting: The latest controls have capacity to provide operational reporting critical to maintaining regulatory body requirements.
  • Capability to get more out of your system: Solutions can be engineered to allow for peak shaving opportunities where applicable.

To keep your emergency power system at its best, retrofitting makes a lot of financial sense – engineered system upgrades that utilize existing hardware & footprint are far less expensive than purchasing new equipment. It costs less, it is quicker to install, and minimizes impact to your business.