The Best Equipment For Demolition or Deconstruction

When it comes to demolishing or deconstructing materials, there are a number of specific pieces of equipment that help get the job done efficiently and effectively.

These machines will typically use the following hydraulic tool attachments: rippers, brushcutters, augers, buckets, trenchers and saws. Selecting the appropriate equipment comes down to three simple steps:

  1. A thorough understanding of the task
  2. Selection of the best tools for that task
  3. Choosing the proper piece of equipment


One of the most versatile machines, excavators can perform a wide variety of demolition and forestry jobs, including clearing lots by knocking trees down, picking them up, and loading them onto a truck.  

Compact Track Loaders

These powerful machines can dig, load, grade, and carry material with ease. Often paired with a bucket, the tracks distribute the weight of the maneuverable and versatile machines over wet or sandy terrain.

Feller Bunchers

Feller Bunchers cut, grasp, and move multiple trees at once for an effective way of clearing woodlands.

Skid Steer Loaders

Versatile and small Skid Steer Loaders can capably maneuver in tight areas. These machines can pair with numerous tool attachments, most often with buckets to remove material from a site.


These machines can serve as the backbone of your business when you need to move large amounts of material. They can be used for dozing, ripping, land clearing, grading, scraper work, and more.

Once the material is deconstructed, a material handler with a boom lift, front-end loader, or skid steer can be utilized to load the material onto a truck. In forestry applications, Knuckleboom Loaders and Forestry Machines can expertly handle and move timber.

Tool attachments best used for removing material include thumbs, stump grinders, brooms, buckets, or for scrap metal tasks, magnets.

A key to properly adding to your fleet is to select the proper size of equipment and attachments for the task at hand. A Carter Machinery sales representative will assist you in selecting the appropriate machines and tools for your fleet through our large selection of new or used equipment or rental options.