Should you rebuild, repair, or replace your heavy equipment?

New equipment is great, but can be very costly. Used equipment can save you money, but maintenance records and remaining lifespan are often unknown. That is why we regularly recommend having your machinery rebuilt.

The mechanics at Carter are able to rebuild your machine so it runs like new, but for a much lower cost. By closely examining each part of your equipment, our maintenance staff can properly upgrade software and engineering to make it run more efficiently. This process will extend the lifespan of your equipment and in most cases, will have it running better than the original machine that was bought.

Choosing the right option for you

Here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing to rebuild, repair or replace your machine.

  1. Is your current machine right for the job?
  2. Can technology be upgraded or is the current technology sufficient for your situation?
  3. What is the expected lifespan of your equipment?
  4. Is the investment more or less than the potential cost savings?

Our 17,000 square foot reconditioning center is devoted to refurbishing engines, transmissions, torque converters and other specialized systems and components. We offer shop service for all makes and models of equipment and preform preventative maintenance, electric diagnosis and typical to major repairs.

If your equipment breaks down on the job and you’re not able to bring it in, we have 200 fully-equipped trucks that can make service calls 24/7. We can even start the disassembly process in the field and to move the rebuilding process along quickly.If you are considering rebuilding, repairing, or replacing your equipment, give us a call at 800-768-4200 or contact us online.