How to Avoid Scams When Buying Equipment Online

If you’re looking to buy construction equipment through online classifieds or auctioning websites, there are many precautions to take to protect yourself from being scammed.

Even equipment listings in reputable trade publications may feature “sales” from fraudulent dealers. The publications may not be able to vouch for the legitimacy of the seller and/or the equipment being offered, so it’s best to approach these transactions with caution.

Spending thousands of dollars on equipment that you have not seen in person, from a seller you do not know, can go wrong quickly. Emails from fraudulent sellers may include links to bogus websites in an attempt to legitimize the appearance of the sale.

Although buying online is not an exact science, there are a number of red flags to keep an eye out for to minimize your chances of being scammed.

Too Many Typos

When an online listing is full of misspellings and grammatical errors, it can be an indication that a scammer used an automated translator to post the ad – or maybe the “seller” simply isn’t serious about the sale. You can find a more reliable seller either way.

Promotional Photos

It’s that much harder to believe the person behind the ad actually has the equipment in question if they’re posting photographs you can easily find elsewhere on the internet. Look for authentic images of the machinery.

Check Other Cities

If you see an ad using the same language to sell the same equipment in other cities, that’s a strong indication of a scam. You can search the ad wording on Google to see if it shows up elsewhere.

Vet The Equipment Seller

If the offer seems to be legitimate, do some research on the seller and the item in question. Make sure they can provide product specifications such as the year, serial number and machine ID. Look up the person’s email address and phone number on Google and on social media sites to ensure they’re who they say they are.

Buy With Confidence

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